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Karrie Marshall & Chris King

Zenwing Puppets began touring in 2005
with the support of HI-Arts and Highlands
& Islands Enterprise (Scotland). Venues
range from city theatres to village halls, rural barns and an arctic fish wagon.  


"Creativity is a shape-changer, and we experience the energising flow and collisions this brings into our lives. We build puppets that make us laugh; and puppets that transform over night... not necessarily in the way we anticipated.... but always with the magic of life. They define themselves.
Puppets have universal appeal. They engage people in imaginary worlds, inspiring further creative process. Puppets can express feelings so beautifully. Serious issues can be explored with humour, with or without words. Their visual and physical features provide opportunities for effective communication as well as entertainment. The world of puppetry can be an enjoyable meeting space when words disappear." Karrie Marshall

“The secret of this art [puppetry] is to be found in the magic when an inanimate object creates an emotional contact with a human spectator. May this magic never die." George Speaight (1955)

(C) KMarshall 2010
‘Miro cat with a flea in her ear’

This is one of a series of glove puppets inspired by ART by Dali, Picasso and Miro. She also plays with people diagnosed with dementia in a mini-performance called 'The Lost Thing'. Miro will appear in May 2016 at WP Puppet Power conference 'Connecting Generations' in Calgary, Canada - with keynote speaker Karrie Marshall.

Karrie has been using puppetry in care work since 1982 ... learn more about how puppetry can support people diagnosed with dementia in '
Puppetry in Dementia Care:connecting through creativity and joy' (2013). If you are keen on more creative activities see also 'A Creative Toolkit for Communication in Dementia Care' (2015)

'The puppet is a tool - a weapon to transform the subconscious, to stir the emotions and to re-connect our memory. I understand this concept, and as Karrie discusses, it really works. I have worked all my life in using the puppet to break down barriers and get messages across to the public throughout the world. Be it with AIDS education, democracy and corruption education or creativity and communication in schools, universities or the corporate world, the results are always the same. The puppet or inanimate object has an innate power to communicate on a "soul level". A simple movement by an inanimate object fascinates us and can move us to tears without necessarily saying a word. Karrie puts it very aptly: we connect in the moment of 'now'.'
- Gary Friedman, Gary Friedman Productions, CEO Corporate Creatures, and editor of www.puppetrynews.com

'Everyone in any way involved in caring for a person with dementia should use this book to stimulate the quiescent creativity in the person with dementia.'
- Margot Lindsay, Research Department of Mental Health Sciences

The following shows are with our other social enterprise 'Creativity In Care'
rabbit 2
'The Way Of The Rabbit' and 'Peace Tales' are available in 2016 as part of the Peace Tales Project with Brora Learning centre, Node Graphics and Creativity In Care.

Zenwing Puppets also made Rudolph the Cat for 'The Nine Lives Theory' show that played Eden Court Oct 2015

IMG_2479 Rae and Mister Mystoffelees (aka Rudolph)

See more about our Zenwing Lives here, where you can read about Joyce the contortionist puppet who made a life of her own. Hear a song by the Diva recorded at Camden Sreet Studio, Evanton. Zenwing Lives is also the page where new shows will be advertised.

Archived Shows!
Sedna, Skeleton Story

The Diva has her own life too:
You Tube song 'spit in the eye of time'

Christmas Zenwing Puppet Show
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Watch some Christmas show video clips on Youtube here:


Thank you to audiences and everyone involved in our shows and workshops.
Thank you to Andy Jones for devising 'Travellers' Follies' 2008-2011;
John Blundall for 'process' and Alison for wonderful treasures.

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