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BOOK!! 'Puppetry in Dementia Care: connecting through creativity and joy' Jessica Kingsley Publishers by Karrie Marshall, is available for pre-order on Amazon.

With a professional care back-ground and lecturing in health and social care, Karrie creates workshops
and programmes for staff and service users of care settings. Puppets and masks offer effective ways to explore issues with humour and sensitivity. Participants can share ideas, create their own puppets, and develop stories to performance (for each other or to a wider audience).

These programmes and workshops are now part of
Creativity In Care, and will shortly move from here:

Workshops 'Inside my Head' creative model-theatre workshops for adults who use care services and for adults who don't. Creativity is all-inclusive... there are no boundaries. Organisations or community venues can book this half-day workshop on 07716 111 585 or E-mail for more information info(at)zenwingpuppets.com or karrie(at)creativityincare.org
This workshop ran as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival

Also look out for our film about Creative Minds (people with experiences of dementia)

‘Can You See Me?’ A ‘See Me’ funded project for Birchwood Highland to combine puppetry skills, personal stories and creative expression to produce a puppet show about experiences of mental ill-health and recovery. The puppet making workshops drew on personal strengths and experiences, to produce various characters. Individual and group story-work was facilitated by Karrie Marshall. The projects and puppet shows were filmed by Ally Macleod (Irisaria Pictures).

A short puppet show and film screenings took place at Eden Court, Invergordon and Merkinch for the general public and schools, as part
of the Mental Health Arts & Film Festival. Thanks to Keith Walker (health Improvement manager) and thanks to Heidi Tweedie for podcasts.

The first DVD (30 minutes) is about the process, and the second DVD (30 minutes) shows the actual stories as puppet shows. The DVD's are available as a training resource from
Birchwood Highland.
For more information about our Zenwing Puppets' puppetry and mental well-being programmes, please contact Karrie
Karrie(at)zenwingpuppets.com Mobile 07716 111 585

Life Story Work - Narrative and puppetry work

Life story gathering work uses person-centred approaches and a variety of creative ways to support the 'telling' of a story. Stories are vital to our identity as human beings... we all live within, beside, and around stories. We also possess the power to create our own stories. Life story work and narrative work has featured throughout my work. It is always a privilege to hear the stories and narratives.... to see the connections and be in awe of the human race... of people's strengths.
For more information please contact
karrie(at) zenwingpuppets.com mobile 07716 111 585

Participants include adults with experiences of mental ill health; adults with learning disabilities, teachers, care staff, child-minders and the general public. As well as having fun, people have used the puppets to express feelings of depression, discrimination, isolation, achievements, love and hope, and plans for the future. We also run workshops on ‘healing stories’. For more information about puppetry and mental well-being programmes, please contact karrie(at) zenwingpuppets.com mobile 07716 111 585

Long-Stay Hospital Story Project:

Karrie developed and curated a ‘story exhibition’ about life in long-stay Highland Hospitals (1864-2009). This was commissioned by Sense Scotland (Glasgow). The exhibition, about people’s experiences, ran for two weeks at the Centre for Health Science, Raigmore, Inverness in Nov/Dec2009. Karrie did a lot of the sensitive story work on a voluntary basis, which is yet to be collated. Grateful thanks continue to be given to all those involved in the project. There will be more developments, and it is hoped the exhibition will return to the Highlands when a suitable venue can be found. See this review:

Some organisations we have worked with:

Health & Happiness, Highland Health Board, Artsplay Highland for ‘Inside -Outside’ a series of workshops using puppetry and masks to increase emotional well-being and self-esteem, working with people who use learning disability services.
Birchwood Highland
©‘Masks and Metaphor’ workshops for creative fun and well-being; 'Can You See Me?'


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