Audio CD
Christmas Story Audio CD
Christmas Story Audio CD

A perfect Christmas gift aimed
at 4 to 9 year olds. Listen to the
story about a little boy found by
magical creatures, who bring him
up to become Father Christmas.
Zenwing Puppets retell this beautiful story by L.F.Baum (1902).
Running Time 40 minutes

Necile, a woodland nymph discovers a lost baby on the edge of the forest of Burzee. She calls him Claus (little one). The forest fairies, ryls, knooks and nymphs do all they can to fill his life with love and joy. But they must also protect Claus from the Awgwars if he is to become Father Christmas.

Audio recording by Camden Street Studio in the Highlands.
The 16 tracks, include an introduction, story and 6 songs: Forest of Burzee Lullaby; Sweet Claus; Babbling Brook (written by Jo Munroe & Karrie Marshall); Sing Robin; The More We Get Together (Traditional); Santa Claus (written by Euan Campbell). Voice recordings by Karrie Marshall, Chris King; and Guitar by Davie Munro.

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Christmas Story Audio CD
Christmas Story Audio CD

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