The Story of
Father Christmas

adapted from L. F. Baum
'The life and adventures of Santa Claus' 1902

You can buy our Christmas Story audio CD here

Our Christmas show has travelled from the North Highlands to Gloucestershire over the past few years. We will miss it!
See video clip here
The story is about a little boy found in the woods, who is brought up by magical creatures to become Father Christmas.
Running time approximately 50 minutes, plus meeting puppets
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Phone 07716 111 585

The Forest of Burzee

The fairy Queen & Knooks. Laughing Valley of the Ho-Ha-Ho

The Awgwar and Master Woodsman of the world
NOTE: The Awgwars have been re-made so will look different

The Ryls who paint the flowers

Necile the woodnymph at home

E-mail: info(at)

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