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Travellers’ Follies
Devised by Andy Jones 2008 -
Produced by Zenwing Puppets

Travellers' Follies video clips:

Also we have a short video by Lorraine Bigsby (Diva) on
Youtube ... See her on Facebook

a show for ALL AGES - works well with young and old together
Running Time 46 to 50 minutes plus meeting puppets

The world touring diva and the travelling magician meet in a Highland Hotel, where they are to entertain the guests. They encounter a cheeky young porter. The three large animated characters have a history that unravels into a comedy murder mystery-style thriller - (spot the references to Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christie).

Based on his memories from the 1960's, of ‘wanna-be-big-stars’ who only ever made it to small town hotels and end of the pier gigs, Andy Jones wrote the show as puppetry for the older audience.

The large animated figures perform amongst suitcases to the dramatic sounds of Tango music and the odd Highland jig, courtesy of The Black Rock Ceilidh Band (Evanton, Ross-shire).

A trip on the Highland Express reveals more suitcases full of beautiful scenery and an unforgettable snow scene. Word of advice… if you are offered the Highland Express shortbread or the tossed haggis and caraway seed sandwich, take the shortbread!

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