Zenwing Lives:

The name Zenwing came through a word play
on ‘penguin’. The whistling penguin appeared
in our first public show ‘Life’s a Mystery’.  
He randomly moved back and forth across the stage.
He wasn’t really anything to do with the story, but his happy presence seemed important in a Zen kind of way.

"Puppetry has always been about feeling the flow of energy. It feels mysterious, sensitive and amazing... and doesn't need an audience... although it is wonderful when an audience shares the experience. I love breathing life into something that is usually regarded as inanimate. It is always a great joy for me to see other puppeteers perform this magic too. I don't think all people who use puppets are puppeteers. It depends on whether they believe in the puppet's beingness. I feel so lucky to be involved in a craft that may take me all my life to learn."
K Marshall

Joyce contortionist DSCF4444 Joyce circus clown
In 2004 Joyce the puppet was created. She was inspired by an older lady called Joyce who gave us a book about puppets and dolls heads made of stockings. Joyce puppet began life as a secretary in a show about equality and diversity. However, her very long limbs made her a perfect contortionist and she joined our circus show, touring the Highlands and Islands in 2005. Joyce's job involved her being wrapped in a chain and hung upside down over a ticking clock and toy dynamite. The audience counted down; Joyce was meant to unravel and spring out of the way. It worked perfectly in rehearsals, but in the run of shows Joyce only managed the trick once. Her colleague, the clown, was just as useless with his hand stands!

Joyce spent a few years in a hut, on the shelf. Eventually, we had to let her go with some household junk. But she reappeared! In 2013 we saw a photo of her at a festival surrounded by beer cans... and another photo of her in a wheelchair. In 2014 we spotted her on top of a piano in the Greenhouse community shop.
Joyce small Suzanna Wolf and Joyce
Joyce third career at greenhouse

The latest sighting was on the front page of the Ross-shire Journal on Oct 23rd 2015. She seems to have joined a local drama group. ...... I think we need to go and visit her.

The Diva
- (from our Travellers' Follies show) recorded a song (on YouTube) 'Spit in the eye of time' (look up Lorraine Bigsby) - it's a catchy number!


Here’s a fun film ‘Rose and Walter’ by Ally Macleod of Irisaria Pictures
We had such a beautiful day!

Rose and Walter - a short film by Ally MacLeod from Irisaria Pictures on Vimeo.


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